Possible to save render canvasses in a savegame file.

I’ve got a game system where I want to save a load of data to a savegame file for subsequent loading.

I have an array of a struct i’ve made (mostly strings), where one of the variables is an array of render-target-canvasses.

When I save my data to a blueprint, it seems all of the other data is saved in the save file but the render canvasses aren’t. (There are about 400 512x512 image tiles).

The reason i’m doing this is because i’m using the engine to make asset tiles from a BLUI web-page, but I want the engine not to have to use BLUI to render the assets every time I play - in my final build I want to remove some of the plugins i’m using in the system - an SQLite3 reader and the BLUI plugin - and just use assets which i’m storing in a save file.

I get the feeling that what i’m saving are pointers to the textures rather than the textures themselves.

Thanks for any help.

I’m sure thats what happens when you just save the variable.
I’m trying to save render-target-canvasses myself right now.
Have you found a solution?

Interested as well! Stuck on the same problem.