Possible to project a decal onto a translucent object?

I’ve been looking around for a few weeks now for a way to have a decal be on a translucent object but can’t seem to find a way around this. Basically I’m looking to make the floor invisible but keep the blood stains on it visible, are there any clever ways around this?

Thanks in advance!

Don’t make it a decal, make a translucent material on a plane, put it wherever you want.
The purpose of a decal is to add some data to the existing textures, but if you have no underlying texture, making it a decal is meaningless.


The problem is I want it to wrap around it nicely, so around the bricks, sides, etc. I’ve looked into wrapping things around objects in 3D software but none of them do it particularly well at all.

So I’ve gotten around this, it seems like there isn’t a decent actual solution, so I’ve instead made a texture for the floor that has a mask of the decal, so it has two materials (one for the floor itself and one for the mask cutout) and I essentially just changed the floor material to a translucent one, leaving the masked material :slight_smile: