Possible to move individual faces of box collision?

I am using a large amount of box collisions as volumes to drive gameplay. Many of these volumes are used to indicate a type of wall and the important “gameplay” side of the wall, and the sides of the volume must match up to the edges of the wall within ~3UUs. This wouldn’t be a problem, however it’s pretty tedious to have to scale the volume a few times and move it around until it fits the wall.

Is moving a box collision’ss individual faces built-in?

Hi, Lexeon.

If you are dragging the default Blocking Volumes into your level, you can manipulate them the way you want by going into the Geometry Editing menu, which will allow you to select their faces and vertices individually.

If you are placing a Box Collision in a blueprint, I’m afraid it’s not possible to pull out a single side in the same way.

Can’t believe I haven’t tried that. Thanks!

Perhaps I’ll learn how to git so I can add this functionality.

Do it, I’m sure some designers will be very happy with it. :slight_smile: