Possible to migrate Blueprint struct to C++?

I’ve got a bunch of Blueprint structs that I would like to move into C++. I know about Core Redirects and was able to migrate some enums over with +EnumRedirects, but I’m having no such luck with +StructRedirects. Is such a thing possible, or is that really only meant for migrating C++ structs?

For example, this worked for me with enums:


Structs are more problematic. Not sure if I need to add any more meta data here, but I haven’t been able to get anything like this to work:


I think it cant be done, maybe i was wrong…

I just deleted all my blueprint structs and create c++ ones instead after read a bunch of pages showing thats impossible to use bp struct with c++ codes.

Thanks! I ended up just rewriting the entire BP graph in C++.