Possible to import Maps ?

Hi all,
i want to export some maps from other games, what do i need to do?
OBJ files or something?

You would need the following:

  • Permission from the owner of the franchise licence of the other game and get permission to use the maps in your project.
  • Define “map”. Are you talking about landscapes, or buildings, etc?. In this case, again contact the original developer for further assistance.
  • While OBJ might be possible, FBX is preferred.

In short: Not very likely to be legal or technical successful…

Need for testing not for release :slight_smile:
How can i add a map?

It depends on which games and what you mean with “map” → you somehow have to extract the files from the game (fbx, obj, png, tga,…), but this is not legal and you shouldnt do it!
When you have the files you can import everything.