Possible to have SpringArm Camera as the active view in sequencer?

Hi there,

It’s possible to ‘render this movie to a video’ from springarms’s camera FOV?
I tried everything I could. It works pressing play in the sequencer but never works rendering to a movie. All I get is springarm’s parent actor/mesh FOV in the output.
It’s not possible to add the springarm camera to a ‘camera cut’. I can add springarm transform keys to the sequencer (can’t add springarm ‘target offset’ though). Anyway these springarm transform keys are useless as not possible to record from camera’s FOV perspective.

I can attach some other individual camera to actor and set that to camera cut but then I loose all the nice springarm effects.

This is really impossible to be achieved or I may be missing something obvious? (I hope so!)


Drag and drop actors with a springarm+camera to camera cuts doesn’t work but it can be done by pressing ‘+’ and selecting the actor.