Possible to get the UDK3 Base Male Animations into UE4? Anyone know how?

Hey people! :slight_smile:

I started my game project using UDK / Unreal Engine 3 and developed my Game Characters skeletal mesh
to work with the default animations found inside UDK / UE3. And after a lot of work got those animations to
work really very well with my game character.

But now the project has moved on to UE4. But sadly the animations have not come along with it.

Does anyone know if there is a way to rip the Human Base Male animations from UDK / UE3 and then import
them into UE4? Or does anyone know where to find the FBX files that contain those animations / key frame sequences,
so they can be imported into UE4?

And if it is possible, how will Epic feel about them being used in a UE4 commercial project? Epic were okay with them being
used for a UDK 3 commercial project so… Im guessing here.

If that fails I’ll have to adapt my game character to use the example UE4 character animations. Is Epic games okay with
us using those animations in commercial projects? IE the Hero Animations in the Shooter Game?

Any info or answers to these queries would be awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

The animations have no way of being exported out

They’ve made it clear in multiple places that you can use any content in the UE4 sample projects for anything you want including commercial projects. That should be perfectly fine.

Even if you could technically extract the UDK/UE3 animations and get them into UE4 that, legally, the licenses aren’t the same and may not be compatible (I am not a lawyer). I would definitely run it by Epic’s legal department to get permission or a custom license to port the content over.

Considering the legal and technical headaches you would be facing porting the animations over it may be easier to use the UE4 sample content or find an animator to create some custom animations for you.


I know nothing about the license aspect of your question, but regarding exporting the animations from a UDK project to import them into UE4, you can export each animation as fbx from UDK from the AnimSet Editor. Of couse, it means you must have access to said animSets in the Content Browser of UDK. Then you reimport into UE4.
I did that and it worked perfectly but it wasn’t with the default animations, so I’m not sure it’s exactly the same thing for you.

Hope this helps a little.

Thanks for the replies guys. I tested Gabrielle’s suggestion of attempting to export the UDK3 animations from the Anim Set Editor. Even though an FBX file is exported using that method, it also displays an error message which reads: “No source data available for some objects. See log for details.” And then when I try to import the FBX animation into UE4, the import fails.

So my guess is is that Darthviper is right. It is not possible to export the UDK3 Base Male character animations. I’ll just have to use the UE4 sample anims. Thanks again, glad I cleared that up. :slight_smile:

depends on the why your willing to work
if you use gildor’s umodel + actorximporter for 3ds max then its possible but as mentioned not sure about the legal side as those anims came from ut3, not only that but you have to think about the scale, if you use the ut3/udk rig + anims then your working constantly at half scale which cause even more problems, you can get round this by re-sizing the udk rig in max (figure mode) then in ue4 setting the rig/bones in persona to skeleton and not animation, be warned this can also cause a few little problems.

i only mention this in case some have anims in a udk project which they want to use in their ue4 project

Hi GeoDav, thanks for your reply.

I am working solely in Blender 3D. But I could download, install a trial of 3DSMax if necessary.

So my situation is this. I have a couple of game characters that were built initially for UDK3 using the default U3 Skeleton, which worked perfectly with the Base Male animations in UDK3. But now UE4 comes along…

So I’ve spent yesterday and today adapting and adjusting the UDK3 rig to fit / work with the Shooter Game HeroTTP Rig and animations in UE4. IE. removing some of the bones that were in the UDK3 rig, but not in the UE4 rig, and moving the bones around to best fit my game characters. And well it works, but not very well. so far…

I’d much prefer to use the UDk3 Base Male anims. They worked perfectly with my game characters.

So your saying there possibly is a way to get the Base Male anims out of UDK3 and into UE4?

I’m not too concerned about the legal implications, because I doubt very much that Epic will make a fuss about it, and I’m sure we can work it out with them just fine. Will cross that bridge when I come to it sort of thing.

Can you explain a little more about the process of getting the UDK3 Anims out of UDK3 and into UE4 if you know a way? Thanks dude! :slight_smile:

Why you would not want to do it is the scaling in UDK is different than the scaling in UE4 and unless you have the tools to re-target your 6 foot player model will become a bean pole.

What I heard, I think I heard on twitch, is that they are in the process of rescaling to UE4 real world.

Personally, like most, I tried using the packaged assets, after a few hours my conclusion is it’s faster and better to redo the rig rather than to try to do what would land up being unworkable as a patch job.

My suggestion is to wait and work on something else until the Marketplace opens and see whats served up.

its not easy and takes time basically you use umodel+gui to extract the content/anims as psk/psa then use the actorximported to convert the psa anims to fbx, these you import to ue4.

i tried doing it your way a long time ago but that herotpp rig is a mess for blender users because they mirrored the bones , to be honest in the long run you’d be better off using the rigify rig and trying to find some cheap or free mo-cap, i also doubt you’ll need all the udk anims so it won’t be that bad.

i think there’s a thread here about people doing a basic anim set

Thanks for the input Frankie and Geodav. Yeah I think you guys are right.

I mean so far… I’ve done a fair job of adapting my character to the Shooter Game Hero TPP Skeleton, thus using it’s anims. And it works sort of, but there’s some pretty awful deforms. So you guys may indeed be right that I’d be better of just making my own custom rig and making some anims. I’m pretty confident I can make some good anims, so hope that’s gonna work out fine!

If / when I do build my own custom rig for UE4. I’ll let you guys know the outcome and share my experience with it. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Oh and Geodav, thanks for the Youtube Video on how to update the FBX exporter to get rid of that damned extra bone. That extra bone was a nightmare! :smiley: