Possible to get orthographic aerial view of map?

I’d like to take a aerial shot of my map, so I can create a stylized in-game map for players to use.

To accurately plot co-ordinates on the map, I’d need the view to be orthographic. Does anyone know if this is possible in UDK?

Or any other ideas of how to create a nice in-game map?

You can get an orthographic view in the editor. Translucent materials may or may not show up correctly. If you want to make a map from that, you’ll have to screenshot it and then import it as a png.

Other ideas: If you want to make a dynamic overhead map, you could have a camera centered over the player, pointing straight down, with a narrow field of view, writing to a render texture that you draw on your canvas.

If you want to stylize the map, you could make a material that uses the render texture, desaturate it, and use the result to lerp between a light yellow and sepia. Then multiply that by a paper texture, and you’ll have kind of an old-fashioned-looking map.

Thanks for your input @Nathaniel3W I’ll have a play around with the orthographic view in the editor. Cheers