Possible to favorite items on marketplace?

There are several items on the marketplace that I’m thinking about purchasing. Is there a way to favorite items, or should I whip out the pad and pen?

Hi Samnater,

Unfortunately the pen and paper will be needed as there is currently no wishlist/favorite feature available on the Unreal Marketplace at this time. However, many have requested this feature enough that it is on our list of considerations. I will keep the community posted on any new announcements once I have any further updates. If you have any other questions, you can reach me on the forums under the name Reubitron.



It’s 2018 now. Is this feature realised?

As we are now in 2019
It would be great if this is done, as I always go through the whole Unreal Engine market just to find something that I pinned before or worse I would forget all about and I won’t get it even if it is required for a project of mine!