Possible to fade-out a whole UMG via animations?

So I have quite a complex UMG menu, with loads of nested panels and elements. It’s working fine, however, now I would like to fade-out that whole menu as a whole. I know there are UMG animations, but I can’t find a way to slowly fade-out the whole menu. Is that even possible? I am thinking for example of setting an alpha value of the top-most element, and that would fade-out all the children as well… or something like that :slight_smile:

Is there any way in UMG to achieve this?
If not, what else could be a workaround?

I know that it’s an old thread, but I thought that I should share my workaround for other users that find your post.

What I do is put all of my widget components inside a parent border component. Then you can animate that border component content opacity to create a fade in effect.