possible to execute blueprint in another level?

i have questions about what i am trying to do.

basically, there are 2 levels…

level a and level b

in level a, there are movements, like actors moving from point a to b , or actors shooting at each other

is it possible to have the player in level b, (where there are also actors doing things…)

and where ever the player is, be it level a or level b.
blueprints in level a or b, the blueprints are running…

is it possible?

for example,

level a is the city
and level b is inside a building…

if the player is inside the building, outside… the city is still functioning in its current tasks etc…
vice versa…

if its not possible, any work around this idea?..

If a level is not loaded, it won’t be executing anything as far as I know.

In this case, you are probably going to want a blueprint that is always running in game mode/game instance which simulates what is happening in these other levels. The level of detail you need is really going to drive how you work this out, but it shouldn’t be too hard to do.

I would probably save a boolean variable in the game instance and then just put branches on whatever you want to change checking for those variables.

This is a very good example on if the tree fell in the woods and nobody was around to see it, does it make a sound?

In reality, yes. It does make a sound. It did indeed fall. But that’s in the real world.

In the game world, the answer is likely no. It doesn’t make a sound, it didn’t even fall. It’s all because the tree did not exist in the first place, nobody was around so the area was not loaded. It won’t exist until its area is loaded. When the area loads up, the tree has already fallen. It still doesn’t make a sound, because it had been told to fall before it was even created.

it is loaded, because you have to go thru the city to go inside the building…

so yeah, maybe i should just save the variables i needed when going to the next level…
then try to simulate outside area…

or maybe i could just make it all 2 levels in just 1 level… hope it wont lag up so much… :o

The second option would go a lot smoother for you than the first one, just saying. :wink:

You probably want to use sub levels and stream in/out the bits you don’t need at any given time with the world browser. Then your main level can run all the calculations for the sub-levels as needed.