Possible to embed video with WebGL/HTML5 export?


I am switching from Unity to Unreal because basically you can’t embed videos in Unity with the free version. I am making a 3d map for a school and they don’t have any money to spend on licenses.

So I am using Unreal, as you can embed videos into the App.

Now I am just wondering, can you do this video embedding with WebGL/HTML5 export?

If anyone knows that would be great,


Theoretically this could be possible with Animating textures in WebGL - Web APIs | MDN, if you wanted to embed a video into a 3D surface. However I’m not sure if Unreal Engine integrates this functionality, and if not, you’ll have to implement manually in JavaScript side. Technically I believe there would not be a limitation, if you are able to find a way to get the texture ID of the target surface in question from the engine.