Possible to edit keys/tracks of sequence recorded by Sequence Recorder, but not Take Recorder


I noticed that sequences recorded by the Sequence Recorder tool can be modified after the recording with the ability to freely add/remove/modify keys in any recorded tracks, as seen below:

However, if using the newer Take Recorder tool instead to record the same scene, none of the keys or tracks are modifieble in the recorded sequence, and the edit buttons are all greyed out as seen below:

Is this by design? And is there any way to edit a sequence recorded with the Take Recorder tool?

Thanks in advance for any input,

By default, take recorder locks the sequence. Click on the lock icon on the right side next to the sequence name. That should unlock.

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Ah. I missed that. Thank you very much @Max.Chen!

@Max.Chen Is there any way to unlock the sequence programatically? A quick description of what I’m trying to do: I’m creating an in-editor script to automate starting a take recording, modify the resulting sequence, and then rendering it out as a video.

I noticed there’s an Unlock() function in the unreal.TakeMetaData api. However it seems I’m only able to use it before starting the recording as you can see below, and the resulting sequence is still locked:

Thanks again,

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this through blueprints at the moment. However, we will add SetReadOnly and IsReadOnly blueprint functions for 4.25.

@Max.Chen That will be great to have as an option!

Thanks again for your input. Much appreciated :slight_smile: