Possible to disable public variable based on value of another public variable?

I have a blueprint with a few “options” that are user defined when placed in a map. Some of those options are settings for things that can be turned on/off with a public bool. I’d like to figure out a way to enable/disable those options(greyed out or just not shown) based on the bool setting. Otherwise, depending on what the user chooses, there may be public vars available that don’t do anything.

Any ideas?

Hey JohnJ,

Currently there isn’t a way to control the visibility or usability of exposed variables for a blueprint without implementing some C++ code for that blueprint class.


Ah ok. I’d like to make that a formal request then. :slight_smile:


A feature request has been filed for the ability to make conditionally exposed/enabled/disabled variables for placed blueprints. Thanks for the question!



Was this feature already implemented in the new releases?

Any updates of this? Hard to google that thread othervise I was thinking that this is necessary thing and I’m dumb and see none…