Possible to create a spline that can spawn a blueprint along the spline?

Alright. So. Let’s say I’m trying to make a road. This road has a sidewalk on each side, and a blueprint containing a street lamp model and a SpotLight pointing down towards the sidewalk. This blueprint is contained on the center of the sidewalk on both sides.

Let’s say this road segment is in a Blueprint to make it easy to edit if need-be.

I want to create a Spline Actor that can spawn this Blueprint along it, to create a full street. I know it is possible to do this with a plane old Mesh, but is it possible to do it with a Blueprint? It’d be useful to have a procedural road like this…

If there isn’t a way to do this, is there any better way to do this other than having the entire road segment contained in a single mesh?

I don’t believe that you can add blueprints to a world through the construction script, however you can through the event graph.

Either way, depending on how many street lamps you want to have, using individual blueprints for each one of them can be quite costly.

But yes, it is possible.

The alternate way is to add the lamp mesh and lamps after you add the splinemesh. (A separate for loop to add lamps and lamp meshes)

you could try adding child actor components. i’ve never tried adding them in the construction script, but see no reason it shouldnt work! :slight_smile:

you can spawn the bps in the begin play with no problem you can add sprites in the construction script so you see where the beginplay will spawn the actors