Possible to check if Event Dispatcher has events bound?

Pretty much what the title of the topic says. Let’s say I have an event dispatcher named “PerformAction”, is there a way for me in blueprint to check if there are events bound to PerformAction and return this as a boolean? Alternatively return the number of events bound to is (in which case I can get the boolean myself from a more-than-zero check)? As a bonus, is there some way to get the list of events bound to it?

I don’t think there is a way to do this. That probably doesn’t even work in C++.

Sure you can, EventDelegates have multiple useful functions for these things (not in BP though).

You can check IsBound() for if it is bound at all, get a list of the bound objects (can obtain a count from that) and check if it already Contains() your function delegate.

Nice, learned something new! :slight_smile:

Yeah nice to check some threads just for the sake of learning new things.

Thanks for the replies. Shame it isn’t possible to access from blueprints, but at least I learned something new and know that if I transition to C++ I have those options available.