Possible to change text color, based on spreadsheet [CSV] info?

Rookie here, following along the: ‘Making a blueprint product configurator’ course from the Unreal; I add my own spice here and there from what I have been learning.

In the course, you use a CSV file Spread Sheet ] with pre-set objects and prices + descriptions. Pass that through to the HUD, and change the according names and prices depending on the customization. With a total price at the bottom.

Say I have a currency system from killing enemy’s which I don’t yet but I want to figure out everything before I go in and make a mess ]. How would I go about changing colors on the text depending on an integer? [I’ve heard its the best way for ‘pricing’ , ‘money’ as floats and such can get messy].

Small goal: Have ‘Total Price’ amount change color

Not enough money = Red
Close = Yellow
Can Purchase = Green

Have it update depending on the amount of money you have.

I can’t seem to find the right tutorial, I don’t need a big explanation; I’m a decent learner. Just point me in the right direction and I should be good.

[Also new to forums sorry if this is in the wrong topic, just let me know where to post it and I will do such]