Possible to change shared font during run-time?

The way scaleform is configured in UDK, there is a file that defines what shared font library to use when loading a swf.

However I built my own localization system as UDK was built to define the language at install, which doesn’t work with the way Steam is setup (you upload the pre-installed game). So i’d like to be able to repoint my swf’s to use different font libraries during runtime.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to change the font used based on which language the game is running in. Changing GFxUI.* doesn’t seem to work.

No i’m afraid not. I did manage to have all my swf movies using font’s from a single shared movie though.

With my CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) languages, I actually just switch over to a different swfs that use a unicode font. So i have two versions of every swf. Kinda hacky, but it’s the best solution i could come up with, and i didn’t want to use the unicode for all, as I’m not so keen on the padding etc it uses.