Possible to change constraints stiffness, damping, breakable during runtime?

I just started playing with constraints and so I made a procedural constraint. Now the problem is trying to access and control all of my added physic constraint. I can’t seem to find a node or set its stiffness, damping and breakable(angular/force). I see it in the detail panel but as mention earlier these are procedural constraints.

Is it possible to change added physic constraint stiffness, damping, and enable breakable limits during run-time in blueprints?

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bump. did you find a solution without diving into C++?
i would like to know the answer too.
by the way you can at least “SetLinearBreakable” now (4.20 on my side)

I cannot find any way to do it in 4.27.
Is there any way (and guide) to make a bluprint node in C++ so I can edit those values? It seems it would be pretty simple. My projects are in blueprint and I’d like to keep them that way, just add those nodes.

You are looking for nodes that start with “Set Angular”. you can find nodes with all of those settings.