Possible to bind delegates without casting?

Is it possible to bind a function to a delegate without a pointer to the delegate owner? In every “tutorial” I follow the function is always bound using a pointer. For example, this works fine.

DelegateOwner->SomeEvent.AddUObject(this, &AMyClass::OnSomeEventFunction);

However, while browsing the engine code, I never see casting happen before a delegate is bound. Instead I see things like below, which appears to be binding without casting.

FEditorDelegates::PostPIEStarted.AddUObject(this, &ACompositingElement::OnPIEStarted);

I’m curious if I am misunderstanding what is happening here, as trying to bind my own functions in the same manner as shown below, gives the following error: “‘SomeEvent’: is not a member of ‘SomeEventDelegate’”

FSomeEventDelegate::SomeEvent.AddUObject(this, &AMyClass::OnSomeEventFunction);
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can you show me your SomeEventDelegate struct?

It is possible to bind delegates to static members of a struct or a class (not relative to a specific object). Here i set up a test delegate to randomly change a color of a material.

First we setup our struct


as we declared a static member in a header file, we need to define it in a CPP file to avoid duplicated symbols, so put this line in any CPP file once


Then we can broadcast and bind functions to the delegate like you said.



Hope that helps!

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I just got to test this out and it works perfectly. I want to thank you for taking the time to give such a detailed response. My problem it seems was that my events were not declared as static in a struct. I also tested this using events instead of a standard multicast delegate (I only need a single broadcaster in this case), and it works just as well. Again, I really appreciate your assistance. Have a great weekend.

Don’t mention it, glad i could help. Hope you have a great weekend too.