Possible to automaticaly reorient the translation gizmo so that it faces the camera?

The translation gizmo’s arrows are always pointed in the same direction. This leads to situations like these where in particular orientations I can’t grab the gismo by the red/green plane because two other planes are in the way:

Is there an option for the gizmo to reorient itself so that the arrows always face toward the camera, leaving all tree planes of movement available for grabbing, like so?

This is the default behavior in Unity, and also the default behavior of the Rotation gizmo.


ctrl + ` (below esc key) will toggle world and local axis orientation. I don’t know if there’s an option to reorient gizmo along camera.

Thanks for the advice! That doesn’t really help with my issue though.

And on a side note, I really doubt that there are many people who use UE and don’t know where the ` key is :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: sorry for that i just assume that somebody will get confused with (’) and (`). anyway hope you’ll find solution to your question.

4 years later we still need this! Please!!!


The answer is no, gizmos will face one of 2 directions. Either world or local, in the viewport top right there is an icon next to the transform icons. It will either be a world or a box respectively.

It’s fine if the gizmo is going to face one direction - but make it face towards the user so I can grab the horizontal plane which is nearly always occluded by the YZ plane.

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I also would love to have this feature, but for now, you can try to use the Combined Gizmo (it has a broad circular horizontal plane to grab and a nice rotation addition).
Editor Preference \ Level Editor - Viewports \ Enable combined translate/rotate widget (or just search “combined widget” in the project settings)
After that select an object, press W, and then SPACE to activate that gizmo


Amazing! Should be enabled by default

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More people need to know about this feature! This makes the translation tool soooo much easier to use.

Thank you my friend~