Possible to attach an actor to two targets at the same time via blueprints?

What I have in my mind is a straight stick that is attached to characters hand from its joint1, and the other end of it, at joint2 tries to keep itself attached to another actor on the map. The prioroty is on joint1 though, so if character moves too far from the other object, the stick will stay pointed towards this another object, but movement is not restricted by it.

What I probably cant do is to attach an actor to two different parents at once just like this, but need something different for the joint2…? Probably something bit more complex I assume.

Interesting question and no idea… But I’ll bump the thread and suggest a few things to try. Overall I don’t see why you can’t do this. It’d be like using 2 physics constraints I think. But what I don’t know is whether you just need a stick mesh with 2 sockets, or if the stick needs to be a skeletal mesh etc. I’m also not sure if physics constraints will still be needed to guarantee the priority on joint1 etc. Anyway, good luck and I’ll be following… In your shoes I’d start by building something (attach stick to hand, attach other-actor to stick etc), and then see where it breaks or where the next logical question pops up… :slight_smile: