Possible to Add a Widget to the Viewport In Sequencer?


I’m creating an animation in sequencer, and I was hoping to add a UMG widget to the current camera. Is that possible?

I tried creating an event on the event track that adds a widget to the viewport, but that seemed to be a dead end. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Try adding Widget on Begin Play and making it invisible, then making it visible through Event Track.

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Widgets require a player viewport which doesn’t exist at the edit time (so they couldn’t be previewed either). This is why it requires the game to be running.

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Thanks–that got me on the right track. In the end, turns out, if I start playing the level before I start playing the cinematic, the widget shows up. Not sure why the game needs to be running for the widget to show up over the cinematic, but it seems to work and exporting the video also includes the widget, so I think I’m all set. Thank you for responding!

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