Possible to Add a Widget to the Viewport in Sequencer?


I’m creating an animation in sequencer, and I was hoping to add a UMG widget to the current camera. Is that possible?

I tried creating an event on the event track that adds a widget to the viewport, but that seemed to be a dead end. Any ideas?

Thank you!


I’m looking for the same thing

That link documents the use of Event Tracks. As an example the documentation uses a** Dev **feature “Print String”. This is not what is asked here.

I am also looking into this…

A more complex example can be found here.

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OK Guys, I’ve clocked it:

  • Create a TextBox Widget BP
  • Create an Event Track on the on the **main **sequence
  • Create an Event, new binding (I called it SequenceTextEvent) and wire it as follows:

Hi, I am really interested in this. Could you please elaborate more on the steps you took? It will be really appreciated, thanks!

more info please!

I have a full tutorial at www.spider-arena.com under “Inside Unreal” section. I hope it would help.


Hello, I use appreciate the help, Is there any way you could supply a working project with simple sequence? I have a lot of experience in UE4 (but mostly AI, voice recognition and Character Animation) but I was unable to understand the steps,.
(Its says to:
Add a new Track Event calling it SequenceTextEvent and specifying a Payload string to whatever text it needs to be.)

I do, (I have to assume whether to make it a ‘Trigger’ or ‘Repeater’… ?? (I am also guessing it would make the text play once or loop??)

Even still, *** mine doesn’t show what yours shows so I am at a brick wall…*** I right clicked the track, the track name. There is NOTHING coming up,.,
even if I got this ‘Right Clicking Step’ working, the next ‘Double Clicking Step’ too, seems to be… (for another version??),.

I double clicked everything,., nothing comes up at all, I have a great sequence, I can add my animated text widget to the play screen …??

Almost 2 hours of research I found out if I ADD A KEYFRAME to the Event Track I am able to Double Click THAT and get to the ‘Sequence Director’… I am still unable to find the thing you talk about with ‘Specifying a payload’ I have no idea how you got to that window…

I have missed a couple steps since there was nothing corresponding to what you were showing ( tried to add my own existing Text Widget (it works in the viewport during play?) that did nothing, I tried do ‘emulate’ the ‘pictures’ in your tutorial… I don’t know how to get there from here, nothing seems to be … like the tutorial say,… I got so close, but that never counts in UE4,… My third image shows my Sequencer, my Sequencer Director and my old existing Widget (I saw no way to make a ‘new widget’ or could find anything that you listed in these steps? See image 4

PLEASE can’t you help out with a working little .uproject version? I read these text tutorials for the last 35 years, always adding new skills and tools but ,., things are always different or missing, it is so unpleasant and frustrating,. my mind invariably blocks it as soon as I go to sleep… BUT if I learn how something works by seeing it work and reverse the understanding, I NEVER FORGET! Not every one learns the same way,… No offense but I don’t really think I ever had a chance with so much that has,… (changed?) with the tutorial and No instruction to add a keyframe set me back 2 hours reading and trying to find out what I was doing wrong to not even have a RIGHT CLICK window show up! :slight_smile:

Anyways, thanks for trying,… I’ll probably just move on and do it a different way (in Premiere as post effect) or animate actual Text Objects and opacity? I can handle PocketSHINX Voice Recognition Programming Blueprints, Oculus Live Lip Sync dev’ing and working with the most elaborate character animation and morph target blends but TEXT, ends up **&%*) ME… :expressionless:

Thanks … Maybe someone else will benefit if you update the tutorial to the new version … :slight_smile: They always introduce these awful changes,…


I have the same problem. ‘Payload’ field is missing.

Here’s a mention of payload in original docs that was mentioned earlier

Other references that may apply:

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UMG Cinematics is a plugin that adds Widget Spawnables to Sequencer as UMG Tracks.

Was able to get it working in blueprints. Apparently widgets only appear when in play mode, so on a blueprint on event begin play create a your widget and then add a “Add to viewport node”. After that you’ll need an additional node added to your movie pipeline node chain. Add a “Find or Add Setting by class” then set it to “Movie Pipeline Widget Renderer”, drag the return value and type composite and and the “Composite onto final image” node should pop up, drop that, enable to checkbox and link the return value from the find or add setting by class node to its target.