Possible Solution for Epic Launcher Crashing

Not sure if this will work for anyone else but as I noticed many tickets with the same issue unresolved, then I thought I’d document what helped me as it might save someone else the 7-8 hours I’ve wasted trying to get this thing working.

Basically, after clicking launch I’d get an error message and it would ask me if I wanted to report the issue. I tried lots of things, obviously checking the drivers were up to date, re-installing, restarting the PC, even uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and nothing worked. I scoured the forums and found one guy who had a solution for AMD graphics card but I’ve got intel so that wasn’t gonna do it for me.

It was only after I had had enough and decided to uninstall and get Unity instead that I stumbled across the fix. I had the option to repair when going to uninstall, so I thought ‘what the hell’ clicked on it but didn’t expect to see any difference but sure enough, the ■■■■ thing is working now.

I’m Windows 10 (64bit).