Possible post apocolyptic mod?

Now that the contest is over . . .
I was wondering if there is any interest around here in a post-apocolyptic mod (NO zombies!.) Non neccessarily using dinosaurs, but more mutant like creatures. Think fallout - like. Giant scorpians and some new ones as well. There’s enough vanilla Ark creatures at present that would pass well enough to start. Perhaps Deathlands based? Grow your community out of the dying wasteland and compete with other groups of players for scarce resources like oil to fuel your dune buggies and scrap for building walls.

Instead of building your equipment most of it you must scrounge for and find in abandoned locations on the map (like hidden crate’s.) Buildable stuff would include basic hide armor and flintlock or basic gunpowder firearms, as well as of course structures and basic tools.

Note, I’m not looking to actually put together a team to work on this at this moment but I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in such a thing either in concept or as a contributing member.