Possible New Game Mode

Hey guys, so I had an idea for a new game mode that I don’t think is overly ambitious. Seeing as though StudioWildcard has started to implement some pretty cool game modes it got me thinking as to how to make a larger scale game-mode over a larger period of time.

There are probably 50 different parts to this, most of which are optional in order to bring this thing to life. But a custom map will be essential. It doesn’t have to be big at all, just big enough.

General Idea:
In the original version of this game mode I would like to have four different teams competing to gather all of the artifacts from the caves to summon the Broodmother. First team to successfully summon and kill her wins.

This seems like it may be easy enough to rush and avoid most other teams. Wrong. Reasoning for this is below.

The map will have 4 different large base locations in each corner of the map. Each of which will be very close if not nearly touching a cave. This will make 4 total caves, each with one or multiple artifacts required to summon the Broodmother. Teams will NOT be able to block the caves off, but will be stationed close enough to easily defend them. In the middle of the map will be a single obelisk (to make it interesting).

Team Size:
Teams will consist of probably around 25 players total. These will obviously need to be worked out before the game begins. (I plan to set up the teams myself until perhaps an autoteam creation thing comes out) Preferably these players will come from different time zones and etc. I know of a few mega-tribes who would be very interested in putting their tribe to the test!

Barbarians (optional):
You may be wondering what this could possibly even be. Well its the excess players who would like to play but weren’t in time to join for teams or etc! They will have random spawnpoints in the middle of the map and only be able to construct up to primitive weaponry (bows would be the highest tier weapon in this case). Their purpose will be to make the other teams job a pain in the ***.

Class system (optional):
Possibly create a class system so that when player first join the server they can choose a class or multiple teirs of classes. For example:
Combat tier: Juggernaut (more hp), scout (more stamina/speed), berserker (more melee dmg)
Utility tier: Elemental (high fortitude), Craftsman (absurd crafting speed or ability to craft higher tier things, like ramshackle), Starveless (High food)
Etc etc etc

Other game elements:
Should teams be able to build elsewhere… maybe? block off caves? I don’t think so, etc etc etc

Preset Team buildings:
A very cool element would be to create preset team buildings, or possibly provide resources for this. Maybe have a set amount of “Gems” they get to spend on different building features. For example they get the core building, then have 150 gems to add on things. Like an aviary costing 20 gems, mega gate dino pin costing 25 gems. ETC. This section is flexible and could change from game to game.

Leveling system:
ELIMINATED. remove the leveling system for this game and instead have all blueprints unlocked for teams and just a couple unlocked for barbarians.

Certain day raids?:
Only allow cave raids and etc to occur during certain intervals each day to ensure maximum fighting among teams?

Modded Content:
We could add in a huge amount of random modded content (doesn’t have to be even remotely balanced in regular gameplay as long as it works for this game mode).

The teams will have a 1-2 day jumpstart on barbarians, they also wont be allowed to attack or get cave artifacts during first day. How we establish this? im not quite sure, isn’t a huge deal and can be dealt with later. Each tribe will have a leader who calls the shots.

Any thoughts? Anyone like to help with this project? There is a lot of room for changes and anyone who would like to help please let me know!

NEEDED: Map maker(s), Modder(s), someone to help with a class system? (if possible)


Heck this would be cool, If this gets close to coming into reality Il help make a map

Yeah thatd be great man! I really need someone to help me with the other stuff though!

With this upcoming news, does anyone want to work on this? There is plenty of time.

The first categories are:

Originality… which this would kill
Look like it would be fun to play… ofc
Look and sound Engaging… yep

Let me!

what sort of help are u looking for? better yet i can do most of it what have u got ect… teamspeak at if u want to give me more info

you say 1 round should take several days?
so why not just grab the artifacts at 5 AM where everyone is asleep :open_mouth:

That’s why the teams need to be fairly large. to prevent that. or there could be only certain times of the day where it would be possible

IMO the best way to make this is to have “trials”

Place conteners for each group far enough from each other.
Player have to make an offering to them to start the trial. The trial will start only if it’s the right time. Some trials will need tio have 2 teams compete, once one team has made their offering, a beacon appears and prompt the other teams to go to the trial.

Stuff like that

You will need some indestructible doors and stuff first on the island for that IMO

And why not limit the number of trials (like 1 trial per day, the doors are otherwise closed and ppl can only come after X hours since the game started. That would allow people to farm or sleep or stuff and just need them to be there for the trial.