Possible monopoly at Marketplace

I dont know why nobody didnt discuss this yet. So. Some studios are growing and occupies the most popular and demanded content requests. Thus the very essence of market relations in the store disappears. Small developers are eclipsed and can not sell their content as the bigger studios have formed an army of professionals and replenishes the market with newer and newer assets. Developers who buy content on the Marketplace will only deal with the biggest studios that will lead to possible monopoly.

If anything the problem is that the floodgates are open and everyone and their mother feels the need to upload baby’s first Blender model, which makes good products harder to find and causes race to the bottom economics, which makes it unsustainable to produce professional quality content.

If they are actually able to sustain professional content production on marketplace revenue, then that is great. However, I find it more likely they are simply porting existing content to UE4.

I make good quality 3d props. However, there are some studios which make 3d content a way faster than me. Big stuidios where people work as a team will supplunt a smaller ones. I already see the negative dynamics of my sales. Year ago i could sell much more content, but now i have less and less.

thats just how markets work, all you can do is keep creating packs and keep earing your slice of the pie.

Thats what i do. I have more packs but less money for some reason.

Well, as of now you have 4 posts in total, so I’m guessing you aren’t doing much marketing here on the forums. How many packs do you have out? What is their quality like? How much are you charging?