Possible methods to tie in-game currency with a web based point system?

While I’m developing my game I have created a website for users to purchase virtual items that will be available in the game. The idea is that if you buy a car for example in the marketplace (Marketplace Link) then that item will also be available to the user in-game. I’m using WordPress CMS and MyCred which allows me distribute points to users and members have already stated collecting points which is promising. I think that networking between a web server and game server might be difficult however so perhaps I could create a system using QR codes or coupons to redeem in game? Does anyone have any ideas on how I might be able to achieve this, I’m even considering creating an altcoin (Bitcoin clone) to handle currency.

Hi owenprescott. I’m planning a Virtual Item Store/Virtual Currency for my game using Wordpress/Woocommerce/MyCred/ on the web frontend. My approach is to communicate from UE4 Client to the Online Store’s Database via an HTTPs Interface with the VaRest Plugin. The same HTTPs Interface will be used to handle webserver communications to include downloading content to client. You’re most likely going to have to write some custom transaction handlers on the webserver, either using the WP API or other PHP.

I use an Web UI plugin to display my paywall in game.

Sorry for the late reply. So the Wordpress/Woocommerce/MyCred method is a viable option? I’m hoping for some tutorials in the future as I’m not yet familiar with PHP. I can’t help but think that a plugin that could automatically tie in WordPress CMS to UE4 networking through Blueprint would become very popular. The developer could even sell various addons to integreate the various existing plugins for user profiles, commerce etc. hint**hint @ dev’s… :smiley:

This is my plan too, how will you manage the transfers between the paywall and ingame? For example if a user purshases a new vehicle over the web how will you update the UE4 networking to update the users inventory?

I use the Instant Payment Notifications of my payment providers to add the items to my database. Then I use VaRest and a simple webservice to load the purchases in game

Indeed its viable! Using a powerful CMS like WordPress makes sense to me. I’m implicitly developing a WP Plugin. Security is critical and the Website is the Authority, however, simplicity is key. The UE4 pseudo plug-in may only contain a series of functions that wrap WP SQL queries for very specific results presented in JSON format.

Perhaps a small WP Plugin for UE4 to handle communications between UE4 WP Plugin and other WP Plugins such as MyCred/WooCommerce etc. These two plug-in operate together to provide a UE4-WP In-App Purchasing solution.

I’m now considering integrating WebUI Plugin (Radiant) as this could minimize my workload building in-game menus (w/ Construct 2) and seamless integration of my Online Store. This step would move me closer towards my original design goals.

I concur with Xces recommendation. I’m taking in consideration the type of content and how fast I can get it to the Player. I think its better business to make the content instantly accessible, if possible. I’m going to provide a massive amount of content upfront in the initial install and merely unlock it upon purchase.

Downloading large content files can be inconvenient (even with broadband speeds). There are few ways to mask and smooth out this process. One could offer Player options to Start the Download Before, *During *(Background Streaming), or *After *the current session. If you’re offering update During or After, you could probably use available content as placeholders to substitute for the content during play-time.

Thanks for linking to Radiant which looks like a great plugin, it’s exactly what I was hoping to implement in terms of WebUI so I will start experimenting with it. I’m also going to attempt to package as much as possible in the game considering unlocking items seems far more convenient as you said. If you have any major success communicating between UE4 and Wordpress please send me a PM (if you remember) so I can check out process. The idea of being able to purchase an item through WordPress and the item unlocking in game just seems like a no-brainer especially considering how easily indie developers would be able to set up micro-transactions and memberships.

hello, I am a new user EU4,
sorry for my english I am french,
I’ve managed to mix wordpress, mycred and unreal engine 4.7 with the aid of plugins differants I give what to do if it can be used:

i’m mycred installed and have used it to their api json here:
i’m also install wordpress JSon here:
and I ais used the JSON plugin unreal here:

wordpress root document then in json-api / controllers I ais create a new php files for example hello.php:

I board in unreal create this:

with that you can enter wordpress and add or take POST or GET values ​​of wordpress :).

I think this is a good system :slight_smile:

You need to write an API which is responsible to get user purchase infos from wordpres api and whish will rule the clients.dont trust wp too much it can get crash always on this way you will be protect your Api from the wp maintnence and crashes. Use python and flask to write restfull api.