Possible Matinee Level bug in 4.3?


I have a simple test matinee which plays in my Level after a short delay. It works as expected and syncs correctly from server to client. The Matinee is triggered by a GameMode.
However, when I move the Matinee and Camera Actors to a sublevel the Matinee does not replicate to my clients. It moves to the initial starting Camera position, but goes no further (Except on the server client which works fine). I have made sure that the sublevel is loaded on all clients before starting the Matinee and made sure all the Camera and Matinee Actors can be found, but the Matinee still fails to replicate.

Has anyone run a Matinee that exists in a sublevel and had it replicate correctly, and if so, how? :slight_smile:

Any help would be fantastic!


Nobody’s seen this issue before then? :frowning:

I haven’t found this issue before, but you might have more success if you make a post about it on the AnswerHub:

Yeah I have a post already on there but there’s not been any activity in a week or so