Possible Landscape Bug

I’ve been experimenting and testing with landscapes, and I’ve realised that when importing a heightmap - you can scale the landscape but you cannot rotate it as this causes really bad lightmass issues. Huge black splotches everywhere, I also tried inverting the scale (scaling to -100) so that it would be oriented the way I want, without technically rotating the landscape. This, however causes a crash.

I can’t imagine this is intentional. Anyone else experiencing this?

I’m not on my end, that I can tell. I have a rotated landscape in one of my environments. Only thing I can think of is that mine was brought in from 4.02, so it could be an issue from creating it in 4.1 rather than a previous build.

Just had a response from Epic Staff, appears to be intended behaviour. They advise against scaling or rotating as it causes issues in physics simulation, foliage and lighting.


That’s weird. I’ve done both scale and rotation and my landscape is fine.