Possible for a 204 server to delete tamed dinos from a 201.6 total conversion mod? (possible bug)

Hi all,

Got some interesting feedback from the beta mod I’m building.

The mod is a TC mod that modifies vanilla blueprints for dinos (character, status component). There is no remap/additional dinos going on.

They are saying that when they upgraded the game to 204… the tamed dinos were all deleted/vanished.

I had expected that existing tamed dinos based on a vanilla blueprint(s)… would continue to work fine… just like they have for vanilla to vanilla releases.

Could this be a bug?

Here is a reference to the feedback on the beta mod:

I’m wondering if this is happening to anyone else.

I have a complete DinoOverhaul… this has not been reported on just Data Mods, so must be isolated to TC