Possible Feedback on my Small Scene

Hi, I have created a basic scene. I aim to create architectural renders in the future as I learn more. This is my first scene in UE 5. I need feedback on how I can make this scene look better, in lighting, if needed changing object positions, sky color, etc… I appreciate any reply and your time. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Here are a few screenies;

Do you by any chance have some off screen point light in that scene?

I suggest work on your main light source before adding some new ones.

Thanks for the reply!

I actually do have 2 point lights off-screen. One of them is inside the room, in the corner acting as the main source for the room, its reflection can be seen from the walls in one of the shots, to the right side.

(CORRECTION: THis source is a directional light) The other source off-screen is the one that acts as a sun. It gives the scene its general color, and it mostly does not affect the interior except that light coming in from the ceiling window.

All the other sources are spot lights focused on smaller parts to define objects better. But I am surely doing osmething wrong because I’m not getting the best results :smiley:

What would you suggest me to do for those point lights? How should I work on them?

Delete all of them. :rofl:

Try adding a skylight with realtime capture.

Imo focus on your key light first. That lightly yellow Sun / soft blue ambient light will take the scene a long way.

Also consider making the room bigger with doors to let in some ambient light. This can help you with camera placement too.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks a lot for your time, I’ll try to implement them as much as I can

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