Possible Collision or Physics issue

For Unreal 4.27, I followed a basic video on YouTube (How To Enter And Exit A Car With Animations | Part 2/2 - Unreal Engine Tutorial - YouTube) which detailed how the Third Person can enter, drive, and exit Sedan. It worked perfectly, but when I adapted it to my own rigged vehicle it ‘almost’ worked perfectly. Third person approaches, enters, and drives great. On exit, we regain control of our third person, but my car shoots up and around then finally lands again. After it lands, I can repeat the process until the exit issue again. For a visual, see ‘Unreal 4 27 Car Exit Issue - YouTube’. What can I Try?

in my opinion this is collision issus

i think when you exit the car the collision of your player get in the collision of the car so it make it go yeet in the sky what i should suggest is to make the car collision to (ignore) pawn collision when you get the leave animation let me know about it thanks

also are you sure that the pawn collision box are following your mesh animation when you leave the car? this could also be the issue

Thank You! I will look at that.
It’s frustrating.
It works on the Unreal car (Sedan) but not on my rigged car. I duplicated all settings I could see. I enter without a problem. I drive without a problem. Only when I exit, possessing the third-person again and returning all collision back to presets. That is when it goes bad. I think it’s my car wheels somehow.