Possible bug with BP interfaces? Or just me being a noob?

So, I was following the tutorial for building the brick breaker game when I noticed something that does not show up in my editor…

I created a BP for the brick and a bp interface like shown in the tutorial.
However, After creating the interface and placing a single function in there, I cannot add it in the brick bp.
The actual option to “Add” interface is missing from the Interfaces>Implemented Interfaces section. There is an “Inherit Interfaces” that has an “Add” option, but not for the actual “Implemented Interfaces” section.

Any ideas?

Hi cnapsys,

Click on the “Class Defaults” button along the toolbar and then back to setting to see if it resets the layout…

In the current version of the engine, the headings are the wrong way around. Implemented and inherited are back to front…

Got it. Thank you! Added as inherited and works as implemented :+1:

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