Possible bug in blueprint attachment?

i think there is a bug when you add a static mesh with no set mesh but set as part of procedural content (set event begin play) and attach it to the root of the blueprint, then the static meshes wont rotate with the root. you must attach the static meshes to the root in event begin play also.

is this a bug?

Hi bennetherwood,

Could you post some screenshots to show exactly how you have your Components and EventGraph setup?

I don’t think that is feasible as the event graph is large , however il add a picture of the setup in components tab and the type of setup in the event graph

2 static meshes with nothing attached

there are 6 of these spawn nodes depending on conditions all the same

also pic of attaching the dynamic meshes to root

and rotating root (the 1st rotate of event begin play isnt the aspect in question)

I JUST WANT TO CLARIFY, the method i have works but its a work around from the problem im raising because the 2 undefined static meshes were parented to ROOT in components tab but wont rotate with the root

Hi bennetherwood,

After looking into this further, the way that Component Roots work is the relative location of a root component is the same as the world location of that root. Which doesn’t allow you to get the rotation like you need.

Try adding a Scene component or something similar to base your relative location/rotation off of. I would suggest doing this instead of using the EventTick to calculate it for you since EventTick’s are very expensive performance-wise.