Possible Bug Dev Kit with Sweet Vegetable Cake

Hello. I wanted to report what i believe is a problem with the Dev kit. I have been trying many stack mods from different authors and every single one that includes the sweet vegetable cake changes the expected 10% (max 2.1k) healing over time to a fix instant heal of 500hp (what I think is the original value from version 243.0 of the by then called “Herbivore “TastyCakes””).
I hope this is the correct place to post this problem and get it patched. If not, i would really apreciate if someone tells me whom or where to write.

this would actually be something to report to the mod authors. chances are they have left the old values in place rather than updating to new changes.

Can you please confirm if my stack mod “Stacks for Humans”, has the same behaviour?

As one of those mod authors, we use children of parents that should reflect the parental values unless specified by the children. Therefore, if other values are changed, should they not also change our children? That is something we wouldn’t normally change. Stack size and a few other fields. So if most all stackers are experiencing this, the VeggieCake is not updating children properly or we need to remove it and remake from parent of newest dev kit. I will give that a try

Hello, anyone have a solution to the cake problem?

In the _Child BP go into the graph and implement the BPPreUseItem function. Call the parent function by right clicking on the function node then selecting “Add call to parent function”. Then copy the function listed below. This will fix the SweetVeggieCake’s Heal over time.

blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4