[possible bug]combo box selected options not clearing

Having an issue with my combobox in umg not clearing out the last selected text heres some picks

first pic is my custom event to clear it out after a selection was made i tried all 3 nodes an it still dose not get rid of the last selected option

this pic is a screen of the last selected option still being displayed

anyone got an idea how to fix this ?

Bumping this thread to see if any one knows .

Clear Options itself should remove all items from the combobox, and then display nothing in the combobox. I tested by adding default options and by adding an option with the ‘add option’ function.

yes so have i but in 4.13 it dosent remove the options text from my combobox it will remove all my options but the text is still showing.

Hm. How are you setting the initial items to the combobox? Are you using the details panel, the event binding, or adding them on construct?

event bindings i posted a bug report about it an added a reproduction of the issue

Bug Report