Possible Audio Bug in Unreal Engine 4.23?

Hi guys.

I’d like to know if this problem is happening to many developers that currently are using UE 4.23.
I followed all Unreal Specifications about WAV files (44.100 htz, 16 bits, estereo, etc), but after just a few seconds, at runtime, all the game starts to lag. Like the link below, at the 0:24 time:…

It’s possible that Unreal Engine 4.23 has a bug with any kind of the engine audio (sound cues, waves, etc)?

I believe that I already found the solution: Audio lagging at runtime in UE 4.23. Possible bug? - UE4 AnswerHub

What changes did you make?

I don’t understand how you had it set up to begin with that caused your issues–if you want us to fix something, that needs to be clearer.

If you import an audio file into UE4 as of 4.22, it will automatically convert your file to a 16-bit Wav file. We support any samplerate you wish, though commonsense samplerates should be employed. We support Mono, Stereo, Quad, 5.1, and 7.1 file import–and you don’t need to import them as a group of mono files–that was a very old method from before we had audio programmers.

I had 4.22 version and audio clips stereo and mono channels. When I jumped to 4.23 version, all my audio clips started to play glitchy (I don’t know why). Then I had to spend around a week to figure out what’s going on. After using an external software (Adobe), I just discovered that changing the speaker channel of all my audios to 5.1, the problem’s gone.

I have only mono and stereo assets in the game, and I’ve noticed that after 10mins of playing the game in editor mode the audio starts distorting (80% left channel, 20% right channel). I tried to debug it but nothing suspicious shows up, so I’m guessing that the update to 4.23 wasn’t such a great idea. I’d like to add that this bug didn’t occur in 4.22

I also have this problem in our project, which is due to release in December this year. I cant seem to be able to fix this, all my sounds have 48k sample rate. I dont have this problem on my desktop, but some of our testers have this problem. Whenever they try to fire, the fps dropped dramatically to the point that it froze the whole game for 10-15s (their pc spec arent bad, can run PUBG just fine). Is it fixed in 4.24 tho ? Thank you

It could be old, but changing to 5.1 format worked for me. Otherwise, it’s still droping fps even if you import Mono, Stereo, or any other format (I believe that 7.1 still should work, am I right?)

It could be great that this problem can be fixed in 4.24.

Hey Dan, Im having this problem as well in 4.23. I tried to update the game to 4.24 and the problem seems to be fixed. But we’r due to release the game this month, and it will be risky to update the whole game engine rn. So I would like to ask which commit from the source indicates the fix ? Thank you very much

This happened to us to in 4.23. I tried to update the engine to 4.24 preview yesterday and the problem is gone. Pretty sure it’s engine related. But I can’t seem to find any tracking issue on Unreal report hub.

I have a game packaged to ios that is giving me weird audio behavior. The frame rate stays in the 40-60 fps range but the audio drops in and out. Background music (not attached to any in game logic) cuts in and out and triggered audio samples (like gun shots) sometimes lag by over 5 seconds after the shot is fired. The framerate and game behavior stays intact but the audio sounds like its being overloaded in some way. I noticed when I updated from 4.22 to 4.24 (I never used 4.23). Will try switching audio samples to 5.1 today but its hard for me to see how thats the cause but who knows…

My guess is you’ve hit your max channel count. What is your music’s priority set to?

Hi **Allenheathx. **Did you fix it by change all sound to 5.1 or other way?

Hi Dan,

I find this bug still here in UE4.25 on iOS Device and I started a new thread here UE4.25 Audio Engine Bugs - Update from 4.22 - need help! - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks for the response, music is priority 1 and all other sounds are 0. max channel count is 12 although the audio cuts out even when only the music is playing. it seems to get screwy after about 7 minutes of play, prior to that audio functions normally. Restarting the app fixes it until another 7 or so minutes of play again.

no that didnt do anything for me.