Possible Accidental Delete on AutoSave

Discovered today that while editing in blueprints that I had accidentally deleted an actor from my scene during an autosave moment. Since I’m on multi-monitors, have my BP window open on a different screen. Anyway, the main editor window obtained focus just as I was hitting a delete key. Certainly this is probably a very rare issue, and subject to extreme amounts of chance and timing. Just a heads up, the actor disappeared and I wouldn’t had even noticed if I weren’t trying to figure out referencing other blueprints.

While I’m at it, if in future updates an easier method of sharing public variables in blueprints is made…well that’d be grand. So far none of the tutorials I’ve followed seem to work, but I’m quite certain it’s due to something I’m doing. Unfortunately shouting expletives has yet to work as I had hoped, so will search for another method. Attempting to pass a targetpoint actor to a MyController blueprint via: