Possession - Third Person "Possessing" Game [Casual]

Hey, everyone! I’m a 15-year-old game developer/hobbyist! I’ve recently spent some free time working on a game I call “Possession”. I still have a lot to work on, especially with some of the mechanics and maps, but it’s currently at least in a playable state. I know it’s not nearly as good or professional as most Indie games built in UE4, but I’m happy that I’ve gotten this far playing around with the engine. I want to mention that I did use a lot of marketplace plugins and assets to help me develop this game, in case anyone notices. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished recording a demo for the game, but once it’s finished I’ll attach it to this post. I have a few screenshots of the game I’d like to share.
*Edit: The video has been published to YouTube, you can view it below.


**Possession **revolves around a character named Shade who is mysteriously killed by his comrades during a war against an onslaught of monsters. Caught up with vengeance, the incarnation of the devil, named Prodolis, offers Shade an ability; possessing. Possessing is the main mechanic of the game. The original idea for the game was a puzzle game where possessing creatures allowed further advancement in the story, but I didn’t have the time or money to go forth with that idea. Instead, possessing creatures provides Shade with an array of new abilities which can be used in combat. The game is fairly casual, being that there is no linear storyline. Prodolis’ only request is for Shade to possess as many creatures as he can, in which a final stage is unlocked against Prodolis(as the player learns that Prodolis used his own possessive powers to cause Shade’s initial death). There are a few bosses in the game, which become easier to defeat as the player obtains more abilities.

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I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to reach out to the public with this project, but I’ve had a lot of fun creating this game and I’m open to any suggestions or critics. As a side note, in case anyone was wondering, most of the project was done in blueprints, however, I used C++ for the parent/base classes of all of my characters/actor.

Trailer Video:

**Tutorial Level (Abilities hot-bar based from UI Kit) **

Cave Entrance - Cave intersections from Luo’s Cave Pack

Possession Main Menu Prototype - Menu Kit

Gladius Image w/ Soldiers and Citizens

Marshes - On the bridge between Gladius and the Marshes

*For some reason I can’t upload this GIF even though it’s <5Mb, so here’s the link to it: Possessing Gif](

Prodolis Model

I just added the trailer video above, check it out if you’d like!

I now have a website:
I will be posting game updates there.