Possession issues

Hi Guys,
I’m trying to create a level where a player is possessing a VR avatar. When the avatar looks at a spider the spider moves along a spline towards them. I’ve created a spline along which a spider can move (with keybinds) and I’ve created (separately) a VR Avatar with line trace so that I can cast the function to the spider eventually.
My question is what are the correct settings for this setup? I’m new to all this so am not sure whether I should be using an actor, pawn or character for a) the VR Avatar and b) the spider.
I keep trying to add a VR avatar to the spider with spline level but no matter what I try I cannot seem to add a possessable VR Pawn into the level - When I VR Preview the view seems always to go to the spider (which I set as a character).
Any advice re: world settings and or game modes would be very gratefully received.