Possessing pawns causes graphical issues

Hello everyone!
My experience with Unreal Engine 4 is limited, so have mercy on me please. I have been experiencing strange issues with the Possess node in blueprints. My aim is for the player to be able to switch between 6 party members. Possessing character 2 lowers the quality of graphics detail like this:

Possessing characters 5 and 6 makes things much worse:

After I repossess character 1, everything looks like this:

Character 3 is the only one that miraculously gets posessed without any trouble. Character 4 causes the same issue as whatever character was last possessed prior to it (e.g. switching to 5 first and then to 4 turns everything green).

This blueprint section takes care of posessing the correct actors. All of them inherit from the Character class and are spawned proceduraly in the level blueprint, upon level creation.

None of this used to happen when there was just one character, spawned and possessed automatically via the ‘Default Pawn Class’ setting. If anyone had any clue what might cause these issues and how to correct them, I would be very grateful.

The F-keys are bound by default to various draw modes in the editor. That’s what causing your problem.

Thank you very much. Problem resolved.

Haha I did frown at that one “wtf”. Good spotting .