Possessing pawn with PlayerController problem

I’ve made my game with an actor (no pawns/characters) receiving all input, which works fine until I want to add a score HUD. The problem is that I want to pass the score (lives in my input-receiving actor) to the HUD which doesn’t work as my interface function needs ‘get player controller’ or ‘get player pawn’ to receive the data from, not my actual actor which has the score… And I don’t use a player controller or pawn. :confused:

If I try to change my actor to a pawn in the blueprint props all input gets blocked even if I change input to ‘player 0’, same thing works fine on the actor. I’ve tried to possess my actor (ParentBlock) in the player controller according to the image below but that doesn’t work either.

I’d prefer to have a playerController there as it seems more in line with what Unreal expects but if I can just get the HUD to work without that it’ll be fine as well. I just can’t get my head around what I’m doing wrong so any help would be great…