Possessing pawn spawned from dedicated server resets its camera rotation. Bug?

I am having a problem in 4.26 with my cameras always resetting their rotation to 0,0,0 on possession on a dedicated server.

Multiple people keep telling me it shouldn’t work like that but even on a fresh test it happens.

Steps to replicate problem:

Create new third person template project.

Remove preplaced pawn.

Add two new player start with different rotation.

Remove default pawn class.

Go into GMB and make it spawn and possess two third person characters at the player start transforms.

Launch game in “play as client.”

Expected: Characters will spawn with same rotation as playerstarts and camera will match rotation.

Outcome: Characters spawn in right spot with correct rotation, both cameras default to 0,0,0 rotation (which causes the character to always spawn facing 0,0,0 if you are controlling its rotation with the camera.)