Possessed Pawn Camera Not Aligning To Camera Component

Newbie here, apologies if this has been asked before, I scoured the forums and couldn’t find any solutions.

In my MyPlayerController, I press “Z” to switch to BP_Ship, which is a pawn. This works, and I take possession. However, the Camera is stuck at the base of the pawn and not at it’s actual location within the Blueprint. It’s as if the camera position is 0,0,0 relative to the pawn.

I can move the pawn in all directions, but the view of the camera is locked straight ahead. This is something that was working until I added the ability to switch between multiple BP_Ships. Here’s the relevant BP_Ship Blueprint:

This, which might not be relevant, is my Player Controller:

I have tried:

  • Use Pawn Control Rotation - This does nothing. Enabled or disabled there is no difference.
  • Auto Activate - Also does nothing, enabled or disabled.
  • Camera Mesh Hidden In Game - Unchecked this to make sure the camera was present at the correct location and it is (did not check orientation though)
  • Reordered the root components - No changes to behavior.

This worked previously, before I added the ability to possess other BP_Ships. The default BP_Ship’s camera was in the correct location and switching default BP_Ships didn’t have this issue. Only now does it occur when possessing.

Can anyone assist? Is there some other setting somewhere?

So, what I’ve been able to determine is that the cause has to do with the Game Mode in some capacity.

The default Game Mode actually does use the Camera assigned to an object (Granted, I haven’t tested how this works with multiple cameras yet)

However, upon changing this to MyGameMode, Cameras simply cease to function. It’s as if it can’t understand where the camera is.

I also ripped out all the “Possess” event stuff, to be as simple as possible. Still no dice and all the tutorials I find are all about setting blend modes or attaching a camera to the Player Controller (Which won’t work since there are multiple cameras)

I found this post which pretty accurately describes what I’m trying to accomplish but I just run into object errors and references that cannot be used.

Again, ANY place I can find out where to define the camera would be greatly appreciated.

Alright, I found the solution.

There’s a hidden node called “Set Active” I say it is hidden because unless you know it exists, dragging a camera component node doesn’t display this as an option. Nor does it display if you drag it when the context mode is off. You have to add it, then later connect it to the nodes.

What “Set Active” actually does, is kind of a mystery. “Active” means nothing to me since having 2 “Active” cameras doesn’t actually do anything. Perhaps the name should be something like: “Set Camera to Player View” or something similar.

Easiest fix is to give each pawn class their own camera component. On Possession the Camera Manager will swap cameras.

Note: when you add a camera component to an actor its “Active” state is defaulted to true.

IF you want to smoothly transition camera to camera, then first use Set View Target with Blend. Then Possess.

All possession/un-possess should happen in the game mode. Just FYI.