Possessed character not moving

I have implemented the “Possessing Pawns in Blueprint” guide (https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Gameplay/HowTo/PossessPawns/Blueprints).

I have implemented it in the side scroller and it works fine.

I have implemented it with a top down template and it does not work.

I have added 3 top down characters and can possess them happily enough - as I possess each one the camera changes.

When I click to move the character I am printing a string to show the character name and the hit location.
But the character does not move. I have tried the simple move to location with the getplayercontroller aswell as the self reference… neither option seems to work with the other possessed character only with the initial character.
Switching back to the initial character and click to move works.

Any help on how to debug or fix this would be great !

What this ever resolved? Encountering the same issue.

Make sure movement component is added to all the pawns that you want to possess. Move to will work only if a movement component is added to pawn.Whenever “MoveTo” is called it will in turn call “RequestDirectMove” method in movement component which will make the pawn move.

I Hope this helps.Cheers!