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Hello everyone.

I have a problem.
I Possess my Controller from PlayerCharacter to a Vehicle Pawn and Attach the 3Person Mesh from the Player to a Place in the Vehicle, this works fine.
Now i want to Possess it back to Player Character (works fine) and Detach the 3Person Mesh from the Vehicle to be back on the PlayerCharacter, but by using Detach from Parent the Mesh only jumps to 0, 0, 0 (WorldPosition) and not Snap back to PlayerCharacter Pawn.


Can anyone help me with this ?

No one can help?

Just a stab in the dark, but did you try checking the “maintain world position” box in the Detach From Parent node?

Yeah. dont works.
With checked “maintain world position” box the mesh only me on the last position.

Not solfet yet. Someone can help ?

I don’t see you attaching the mesh back to the player character after you detach it from the car. AFAIK this is not done automatically can you try using an attach node to attach ‘Mesh 3P’ back to ‘Player’? The attach node should also give you an option to ‘Snap to target’/‘maintain offset’, etc.

Yeah VSZ, i think that i need to attach it back but where should i attach it ? on Character there is no Mesh(Socket) to attach it on. Thats my problem and i dont know how to solfe this.
The only thing i think will work is to add a “Dummy” Mesh and Attach the 3P Mesh to it.

I’m assuming your character setup is ‘standard’, i.e. a subclass of ‘character’ with a capsule component as the root and the skeletal mesh component as its child, right? If so, attach the skeletal mesh back to the capsule component of your character like this:

Right click, turn context-sensitive off in your BP and select the ‘Attach To’ node under Transformation. Plug your skeletal mesh component into the target node and for the ‘In Parent’ use the root component of your character.

I don’t know if this will help but one trick that I’ve seen recently is to place an “Arrow component” in the vehicle blueprint called “Driver Exit Location”. Then when it’s time to leave the vehicle you just use that objects transform basically for a spawn location for the driver leaving the vehicle. Be sure to place it outside of any entry trigger volumes or you might get into a infinite loop.

@VSZ thanks. i will try it :slight_smile:
@Demolition Man. Going Outside is working well, thats not the problem. the proplem only was the 3P_Mesh but i will try VSZ Method.

Someone of you know a nice way to make a “Death Handle” for a Standart AI Character BP ? (Ragdoll)