Possess pawn without switching to it's view target


I’d like to possess a pawn from the controller but not have the view target change, not even for a frame.
I know of the setting bAutoManageActiveCameraTarget but it doesn’t work, even with this bool to flase whenever possessing a pawn it still goes into the view target of the possessed pawn but just not the camera within it. It seems to go to 0,0,0 relative or something???

The reason I need this is to mask a network delay with a smooth camera, it’s a complex system but I can’t make it work as long as the controller keeps forcing the view target whenever a new pawn is possessed.

The workaround everyone suggests is to set the view target back right after you posses the pawn. This is all great when you are making a singleplayer game, but in a multiplayer game this doesn’t work as the client needs to wait for the server to possess the pawn rendering this entire workaround useless.

Can someone please help?

I don’t have any experience on this, a workaround solution that comes off the top of my head would be to set the pawns camera position to the one you currently have and don’t want to change, so that when it changes, you give the illusion that the camera didn’t change.

How can I both set the view target, and possess the pawn with the same player controller?

Well, same question is from my side and I would appreciate if anyone can answer this question for me, because I have tried multiple solutions and not getting any success :confused:

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