Possess cancels existing move to location event

I’m possessing the TopDownCharacter, I click the landscape and the moveToLocation fires and moves the character, but if I possess another character while the existing one is moving, the first character’s moveToLocation gets canceled.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Show us your Blueprint?

Hmmm, so you’re implying that my blueprint is messed up and this is not normal behavior? I’ll look at my code again and report back.

Is unpossessing a character not supposed to cancel it’s existing SimpleMoveToLocation event?

Possibly because it wouldn’t have a player controller anymore, might need to set it up with a temporary AI one.

That sounds like it’s pretty much on the money with the response. You practically ripped the controller out of the TopDownCharacter’s hands and shoved it into the hands of another character. Without the input, there would be no output.

got it thx